To become a Jawaan of BSF - Border Security Force

  • India is the only country which withstands inner threats and also battles with many problems on the border. You and we are sitting in comfort with our families, spend time with family, and even go to the roam as soon as possible. But all this is possible only because of those people who do not sleep on the country's border so that the country can sleep. Yes, we are talking about BSF-Border Security Force. The BSF formed in 1965 is today called the world's biggest Border Security Force.

    We tell you how tough it is to become a Jawaan of BSF - Border Security Force.
    The length of the country's border is 6500 km. More than two and a half lakh BSF personnel are deployed every day for its safety. On some place of the border deep in the forest, there are various species of mosquitoes in the world are waiting for them, Some area of border falls in the deep snow area. Protecting such a tricky border is not as easy as saying, in fact, it is pretty difficult.

    BSF - Jeevan paryant kartavya.
    These three-word jawans are told when they join the army. That is where his training starts. It means - protecting the country till life is alive. After completing the training, a common boy becomes a disciplined young man. Training lasts for approximately 50 weeks.

    The life of every single BSF-Border Security Force deployed on the country's farthest line is surrounded by threats every moment. Whether this threat is from the enemy or by the weather, In Southern India, even after standing in 30 degrees, he has to protect his country, such a young man has to patrol border along with 50 ° degree temperature in the Thar Desert. Siachin is called the world's highest border. Similarly, if the Hungarian and Island countries are added, then the Thar desert becomes, where the common man is not visible far and wide. The soldiers have to resort to camels to patrol the border on the Thar desert shared with Pakistan. India is the only country, one troop protects the country's border with 1000 camels.

    The boundaries of India on the Kutch of Gujarat are tied with Pakistan. Here the Jawaans use the ultra-modern communication system to protect the border. It is geographically counted as one of the most complex boundaries of the world. Run of Kutch is also called the world's largest salt desert.

    Bangladesh is a friend of India's neighbouring country. There are many such places here that pass through the middle of a house. But there are some problems with which BSF has to make different preparations to deal with. BSF data show that by 2014 the smuggling of more than 2 lakh animals has been done here. The total length of the Bangladesh border is 4000 km, that is, the distance from New York to Los Angeles. Here the problem is for the jawans like terrorism, species of mosquitoes, which are called the world's most dangerous species. There is a range of places where Bangladesh has to be protected in the forests. The Jawaans even dies due to the mosquito bite. The helicopter is the only transportation for immediate treatment.