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Meaning of Navkar Mantra

  • Hello Friends Jai Jinendra,

    This is My first blog about meaning and significance of Navkar Mantra of Jainism. (Jain Religion)  

    But before that, we should know what is Mantra? 

    Mantra means a sound, a certain utterance or a syllable. Today, modern science sees the whole existence as reverberations of energy, different levels of vibrations. Where there is a vibration, there is bound to be a sound. 

    So, that means, the whole existence is a kind of sound or a complex amalgamation of sounds the whole existence is an amalgamation of multiple mantras. Of these, a few mantras or a few sounds have been identified, which could be like keys. If you use them in a certain way, they become a key to open up a different dimension of life and experience within you.

    Brief of the Navkar Mantra-----

    Navkar Mantra is most powerful Mantra in Jainism.Very few mantras are of its status on the earth. Most important thing about this Mantra is that it does not pertains to a particular person, place or thing like Rama, Mahavira, Jesus, Allah, Krishna, Kailash, River etc. It does not use a proper noun.Instead of this, it uses a common noun. 

    Through this Mantra one bows before:

    1. All Arahants (whosoever wins its internal enemies),

    2. All Siddhas (whosoever wins it's internal and external enemies, destroys all types of karmas and gets rid of death and birth(),

    3. Acharyas,(one who spread principles of religions, try to liberate himself and masses and lead Sangh),

    4. Upadhyay's(who makes studies about religion, study, spread and writes about religion)and 

    5. Sadhus(all the Sadhus and monks)of the world. 

    This Mantra deals with all the persons who fall in above categories irrespective of their religion, caste, creed, color etc.                           

    This Mantra is Anandinidhan(Meaning that is not made by any person). This Mantra is in existence at the time unknown to mankind. It is all powerful and multiplicity of interpretations.We can achieve anything, get done any work by the chanting of this Mantra. It's chanting develops energetic vibrations in body, soul, and mind. Every line of this Mantra starts with Na (Hindi UI) which creates vibrations in chest, neck, and mind which heal many of the diseases and makes the body move faster with greater energy. On chanting this Mantra a liquid from the Pituitary gland of mind increases in the quantity which enhances dynamism of the body. This dynamism of body makes a person more energetic.                           

    Synonyms of this Mantra are 

    1. Aparajit Mantra_----+ Can not be defeated by any one 

    2. Anadinidhan  Mantra----No beginning and no end.

    3. Mahamantra-----Best in all the mantras.

    4. Mul Mantra--84 lacs mantras are generated from this Mantra.                                 

    This Mantra can be chanted in happiness, in unhappiness, in sadness, and in depression at any of the places at any of the time. Its first line is chanted while inhaling and next line while exhaling and so on.            

    Chanting of this Mantra destroys all sins and karmas. It creates positive and negative electric vibrations in the soul which burns all types of Karmas.     

    So great is Namokar Mantra. Chant it. Get rid of your diseases and Karmas. Get Energy.

    Jai Jinendra 
    Thank you !

    Navkar mantra audio file: