I believed it was a touch on the part of Nintendo

  • Among my villages commented stating how they believed it was great I was expressing myself after I shifted my character's sex, and Animal Crossing Items I cried. This game has to helping people some ability, although I am still closeted irl.

    I really like that the developers put this in! Especially considering that fact that Japan isn't very... innovative in regards to gender identity.

    Iirc, from the English version it doesn't alter anything in text because villagers are known by the sex neutral"they." However, it does change text in gendered languages (and people without neutral singular pronouns).

    I have other users camping on my island (they are me I just use them to get additional insect models out of Flick), plus they're both women. I wonder what they like to eat!"

    I connect with this SO much. I remember being a kid and cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket playing with Harvest Moon names - there were a few that I would select the"boy main character" version instead of the woman one just so I could romance the women... I meanthey were just much better characters than the bachelors, nothing more than that... one of the things that helped me figure out I was bi.