Everything you Want to know about the Animal Crossing: New Hori

  • On Wednesday, Nintendo launched its newest and beefiest update yet for Animal Crossing: New Horizons with new visitors, small quality-of-life alterations along with also a batch of seasonal occasions that Animal Crossing Items will appear from now to the end of June. However, misinformation has run rampant online, ever since the update went live. Some assert that the Switch system crashes should you talk to Leif (a peddler selling backyard items) while gifts are on your inventory. Others say you can clear inventory space by selling or moving items when on Mystery Island Tours, which would allow for near-infinite farming of funds. Neither of those rumors are accurate.

    Let's set the record straight. Just what does the update offer? It turns out it's important chemical, which will be a big step up from Nintendo's previous humdrum event, Bunny Day, which concluded in mid-April. From an range of items that beautify your gardens into a lush new museum, these exciting additions breathe new life into a game that's barely a month old.Upon booting up your recently-updated game, you will notice your mailbox has two messages, one from Bank of Nook and another from Nintendo.

    The lender notifies you of a reduced interest rate to your account (that is likely to suppress the all-too-quick road to riches many players have taken) and attaches a present of a rug shaped like a bag of bells. In terms of Nintendo, their message thanks you for downloading the update and provides you a decorative world map to hang the wall.Outside of slashing your interest rate (it is unclear how much the rate has changed), these freebies are all welcome.

    This upgrade brings four occasions which are sure to keep things interesting for some time, although none. Following is a rundown of what we understand about each one.Nature Day (April 23 to May 4): Your island will probably have fun,"green" Nook Miles goals that centre around planting shrubs and appreciating nature. As soon as you've completed them, talk to buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket Tom Nook and he will reward you with a DIY crafting recipe for hedges, which may can be placed through your island with the fencing tool.