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Why Is Flat Screen Printer Blurry

  • The ability to print text, graphics and images on the appearance of irregular objects of the opposite sex is now becoming a major special type of printing. For example, this printing method is used to print text and pictures on the appearance of mobile phones, and the appearance of many electronic products such as computer keyboards, instruments, and appearances are printed with Stenter. The types of active pad printers can be divided into monochrome pad printers, active pad printers, manual pad printers, ink pad printers, and so on.
    The pad printing technology is very simple, using steel (or copper, thermoplastic) intaglio plates, using a curved pad printing head made of silicone rubber material, dipping the ink on the intaglio plate onto the surface of the pad printing head, and then moving to the desired target appearance Text, pictures, etc. can be printed with a single press.
       One of the common faults: the lines and text of the printed matter are unclear, showing ambiguities.
       Possible factor solution:
      1. Ink: The ink is too viscous and add some diluent to the ink; the ink is too thin to reduce the amount of diluent in the ink; the ink drying speed is too slow and change to a thinner with a faster drying speed.
    2. Printing materials: the surface of the target is not clean. Clean the surface of the printing target in advance; the surface is hard and grainy. If possible, change the material from the beginning, or try a harder pad printing head. The surface is very concave and convex. Choose a special shape The pad printing head and pad printing head base equipment; the clamp on the edge of the object is necessary to prevent the pad printing head from sliding.
      3. Pad printing head: Too soft, you can use a slightly harder pad printing head; if the shape is not selected properly, try another shape pad printing head.
      4. Corrosion gravure: The gravure is not accurately corroded to make a gravure from scratch; the depth of gravure is too deep to corrode a moderately deep gravure; the type of gravure material is not properly selected and the appropriate gravure type is selected (for example, a steel plate is used instead of a polyester plate). Inappropriate screen selection: try another screen.
       Other factors for the ambiguity of its active Flat Screen Printer: the workpiece fixture has not reached the level of stability to replace it with a new workpiece fixture; high-speed printing causes deformation of the pad and reduces the printing speed. If necessary, stop for a while before the ink is ready to be transported, in order to recover from the deformation of the pad printing head.