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Stenter Needs To Pay Attention To The Problem

  • Currently, Flat Screen Printer has gradually replaced traditional screen printers. Screen printing is far superior to manual printing in terms of technology, speed and quality. Screen printing machines are becoming more and more intelligent. The gradual transition from semi-automatic screen printing machines to fully automatic screen printing machines has greatly saved manpower. When using a screen printing machine, problems often arise. Dongguan Zhanxun Printing Machinery summarized several issues that should be paid attention to in the use of screen printing machines.
    1. Do not introduce excessive water and oil into the pneumatic system of the screen printing machine to avoid roller failure, shorten the life of the roller, and ensure that the compressed air is dry and clean;
    2. Check whether the amount of oil in the converter oil cup of the screen printing machine is sufficient every day. When not in use for a long time, the pressure reducing valve should be pushed to the back end. If conditions permit, it is best to install a freeze dryer;
    3. When the screen printing machine stops working, turn off the main power switch and compressed air source. The cylinder and the axis of each part of the speed control valve should avoid magnetic loss;
    4. The smooth seat and high-precision parts of the workbench of the screen printing machine must be cleaned and oiled regularly to prevent the accuracy from being affected by rust;
    5. The screen printer is the control equipment for ink printing. During the printing process, the output speed of the ink must be controlled. The screen printing machine should ensure that the ink is even;
    Automatic screen printing machine
    6. Control the printing speed of the screen printing machine. The printing speed of the screen printer can be controlled manually. For the automatic screen printing machine, it can be set by itself and does not require a lot of people to operate;
    7. Screen printing and cleaning of printed parts. The printing effect of the screen printing machine depends not only on the equipment, but also on the printed matter. If there is water or dust in the printed product, it will cause the ink to fail and affect the printing effect. Therefore, the printed matter must be cleaned before printing;
    8. A special operator is required to operate and use the screen printing machine. Training is required to use the equipment. Mechanical equipment must be trained and qualified before it can be put into use to ensure that it is not damaged;
    9. When the compressed air is introduced, no part of the body can be placed on a movable position of the screen printing machine to avoid squeezing injury;
    10. If the roller of the screen printing machine moves too fast, turn the flow control valve clockwise to slow it down, otherwise it will move too slowly;
    11. In Stenter's screen printing, depending on the degree of ink drying, appropriate oil and water should be added from time to time to maintain ink viscosity.