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Stenter's Advantages

  • The automatic screen printing machine is named according to the degree of automation of Stenter, and it is a development trend of the screen printing machine after the manual screen printing machine and the semi-automatic screen printing machine. So what are the advantages of the fully automatic screen printing machine? Let's take a look with Dongguan Zhanxun Machinery Technology!
    The automatic screen printing machine can increase the production speed and automation of the product, and reduce the labor force. Traditional screen printing needs to be recognized and judged by the eyes of professionals, and then can be judged whether it meets the standard by comparing the template and related measurement tools. The speed is slow and the error is large, which affects the uniformity of the quality standard.

    The automatic screen printing machine has been continuously developed from digital program control, operability, automatic feeding, transmission, pre-press, post-press and other programs to ensure accurate work, convenient and fast conversion, and even achieve customer personalized customization.
    Flat Screen Printer  can be used for all kinds of plastics, cosmetics, packaging boxes, metal plates, scale plates, acrylic, plexiglass, electronic products, household products, stickers, leather transfer paper.
    The automatic printing effect is more beautiful than manual printing, with strong three-dimensional effect, higher precision and more stable quality, because the printing speed is fast, the network is not easy to block, the product has less contact with the ambient air, it is not easy to stick to dust, and the printing quality is better.