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Stenter Angle Adjustment

  • How does Stenter adjust the angle of the scraper? The adjustment of the squeegee angle of the automatic screen printing machine during printing directly affects the quality of the screen printing. The following editor will share with you how to adjust the squeegee angle of the automatic screen printing machine.

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    The increase of the squeegee angle in the automatic screen printing machine generally leads to an increase in the amount of ink. The reverse is also true. If the angle is extremely small, the ink cannot pass through the mesh. How is the squeezing force of the ink through the mesh produced? In this way, it is considered that the squeegee of the automatic screen printing machine determines an appropriate angle, which provides the direction for the ink to transfer to the printing object such as the material to be printed, and then applies the appropriate The intensity of pressure.

    Screen printing manufacturers generally use qualified and efficient squeegees to ensure that the color tone of the screen printing can always be consistent during the sign production process, so as to achieve a more ideal printing quality. Therefore, if you want to do well, you must first sharpen your tools. This is the truth. A good screen printing squeegee has excellent mechanical properties, a smooth blade, and good elasticity. It also extends the life of the printing rubber roller and saves downtime, so it can efficiently and continuously obtain the ideal printing quality in the sign making process.

    In the printing process of the Flat Screen Printer, the edge definition and other subtle levels are not well displayed. On the one hand, the ink scraping angle is too large and the ink is too much. If the angle is too small, the ink through holes will be very large. Less makes the transparency effect poor, so it is necessary to choose a good squeegee and pay attention to the above-mentioned squeegee principle and method to find a suitable angle. The special squeegee for screen printing and composite squeegee strips used now are satisfied to the greatest extent For screen printing, the two-way requirements for fineness and transparency. Screen printing ink control also pays attention not to take two extremes, and taking the middle way is the technical application know-how.