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Introduction To The Functions Used By Stenter

  • Flat Screen Printer's screen printing process deposits a thick layer of ink on various substrates. You may have seen some text on the walls of the museum to describe the paintings or sculptures in the room. This is most likely done by screen printing.

    The printed T-shirts you wear (those with thick ink deposits instead of decals) are another example of screen printing.

    The screen printing machine you use at school may differ from a commercial screen printing machine in only a few ways. First, it may only have one screen. When you want to change the ink to use a different color to print a new part of your work, you may have to clear the ink on the screen, remove the template that blocks the ink in the non-image area, and then install the next color of the new template before printing.

    A commercial screen printing machine, used by an online printing company, can have a single flat bed on which is bolted to the screen to which it can be rotated into the position of the paper or fabric rests and multiple arms to ink Drop it to a T-shirt, custom portfolio, or whatever you are printing. This will significantly speed up the printing process.

    In addition, your school's Stenter may use a screen made of silk or synthetic materials, while a commercial screen printer may use a polyester mesh screen or a more durable stainless steel screen.