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Introduction To The Work Of Flat Screen Printer

  • Stenter's workflow:
       1. Use a squeegee to spread the ink on the screen.
      2. Use a squeegee to fix the angle and draw the ink smoothly to one side. At this time, the ink will be printed on the printed material due to penetration according to the pattern during screen manufacturing, and it can be printed repeatedly.
      3. The printing screen can be saved and used after washing.
    Screen printing machine applicable series: all kinds of plastics, cosmetic display stands, packaging boxes, metal plates, scale plates, acrylic, electronic product booths, household goods, stickers, leather transfer paper, various types of cups, barrels, glass, baseball Sticks, boards, etc. It can be used for the most beautiful and high-quality and efficient printing on flat and curved objects.
       Flat Screen Printer can be divided into automatic pad printer, monochrome pad printer, manual pad printer and so on.