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Five Elements Of Flat Screen Printer

  •     All-self Stenter transfers the image engraved on the steel plate to the workpiece through the action of the rubber head, similarly stamping. Use steel plate and rubber head. In general, the ink layer of the screen printer is thicker than pad printing, so it is easier to use the pad printer for images with thinner lines, and it is easier to use screen printing for images with large color blocks.

        Five main elements of automatic pad printing machine

    1. Printing plate: etching printing image.
    2. Ink: Confirm the color according to the requirements of the printed product.
    3. Sealed oil cup: it integrates the functions of sealed ink storage and scraping off the remaining ink.
    4. Printing rubber head: This is the medium that transfers the ink from the printing plate to the surface of the product.
    5. All from Flat Screen Printer: to perform handling and printing.