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Effective Function Of Flat Screen Printer

    1. Screen printing of Stenterelectronic products still has an absolute advantage

        The share of screen printing technology in the electronics industry is as high as 90%. Many screen printing technologies are needed to produce a TV. For example, screen printing is required for switches and operation panels. Screen printing is also required for display screens, and printed circuit boards are inseparable from screen printing technology. Without screen printing, there would be no circuit boards, and without circuit boards, there would be no TV sets. This shows the importance of screen printing. Large ultra-thin TVs and liquid crystal display films, which represent future development trends, still need to use screen printing technology. At the turn of the century, we are about to enter the multimedia era. Large flat display devices such as plasma display (POP) and plasma logo liquid crystal display (PALC) have been put into commercial use, and their development is increasingly inseparable from screen printing.


    1. Screen printing is involved in the decoration industry

        At present, a new technology is being promoted throughout the country, namely, screen printing emulsified glass and color screen printing glass. This technology uses chemical and optical principles to make various geometric patterns into a screen. An environmentally friendly emulsifier is directly printed on the surface of the glass. After a few seconds, the printed material is washed off with water, and a clear piece can be obtained. Recognizable decorative glass with emulsifying effect. This kind of glass is very easy to wash. In the past, frosted glass has the disadvantages of high cost, dust flying around, and difficult to clean. Its products have real, natural and luxurious effects, and it is estimated that they will be promoted vigorously in the next few years.


    1. Flat Screen Printerwill play a role in wedding dress backgrounds and colorful curtains

        In the past, wedding backgrounds and colored curtains were mostly manual inkjet painting, which resulted in high production costs, slow speed, and no guarantee of quality. In recent years, the special background for wedding photography is really like "Suddenly like a spring breeze, thousands of pear trees blooming", a new type of simulation screen printing wedding background and color simulation screen printing curtains are all over specialty stores, and the price is higher than hand-painted ones. Much higher. Currently, Screen Printing has just stepped into this industry, and its momentum is like an arrow on the line waiting to be launched. Compared with any traditional printing method, screen printing has incomparable advantages. It has strong competitiveness, vitality and popularization. The prospect of screen printing will be bright.