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Electric Flat Screen Printing Machine Oil Pressure Buffer


    The printing technology of the screen printing machine is also called screen printing technology, which is a stencil printing technology, and this printing technology also originated in my country as early as Z. With the development of the machinery industry and the electronics industry, screen printing technology is constantly innovating. Electric Flat Screen Printing Machine uses more advanced technologies and processes to make the screen printing process more precise, faster, and more automated. In the meantime, what role did the hydraulic shock absorber play?

    The automatic screen printing machine is a screen printing machine capable of automatic paper feeding (material), automatic printing, automatic drying and automatic paper (material) delivery. During printing, a squeegee applies pressure to the ink on the screen printing plate and moves according to the established procedure to complete a printing process. With the continuous development of modern screen printing machine technology, industrial screen printing technology has now completed automated unmanned printing, and has become accustomed to mass printing in modern industry. It has truly completed the role of unmanned automatic production, which has greatly reduced the cost of enterprises. Improved production efficiency and brought greater benefits to the enterprise. In order to eliminate the sensation of printing, oil pressure buffers will be equipped up and down, left and right, so that the whole machine runs fast, stable and low noise.

    The products printed by the screen printing technology of the screen printing machine are bright in color and can be stored for a long time, and they are also suitable for large-scale industrial production. Therefore, the Stenter Machine factory's screen printing machine has a considerable prospect in the industrial use. Therefore, the automatic screen printing machine has a wide range of uses and can be used for various plastics, packaging boxes, plexiglass and other products. In order to ensure a smooth operation process, a hydraulic buffer is essential.