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World of Warcraft: Making Gold With Your Profession 2021

  • Welcome to our World of Warcraft WOW Classic Gold making guide, here we rank the best trade skills for PVP, Making Money and even Raiding. Depending on what content you plan to focus, deciding on your Profession will assist you quite a lot throughout your time playing. If you are not sure what you want or maybe just interested in it all, then picking based on your class might be what you are looking for, and we have that listed below as well.


    The augmentations that Enchanting allows a player to apply to one’s armor and weapons can be of great use to anyone seeking that extra push. Enchanting Vellums help an enchanter to inscribe an enchantment onto paper, which can then be sold on the Auction House. Enchanters can also help disenchant anyone’s unwanted Bind on Pickup items, which can be very helpful when a player only has the option to sell them.

    Why Enchanting is Highly Useful:

    Disenchanting unwanted gear, which gives the player mats that can either be utilized in recipes or sold on the Auction House.

    Selling enchantments on the Auction House, as competitive players need that extra push.

    Pairs very well with Tailoring, as you can create magical gear you do not need and then disenchant it for Enchanting mats.

    It could be paired with Blacksmithing or Leatherworking for the same reason above.

    Enchanter-only perks, such as Hearthstone enchantments for your bracers, which allow the player to use their Hearthstone sooner than the average player. This is very handy when you are doing World Quests.


    Alchemy was by far the most profitable profession in WoW Classic. Lots of players use consumables and they need more every week. Constant demand kept the gold coming in for alchemists with the right recipes. This has died down since AQ40 was released. Loss of players means less demand, and increased herb prices have driven down profit margins. I have personally stopped crafting alchemy items to sell, as it isn’t worth my time. But for a newer player, there are still some good options to make gold with this profession.

    Elixir of Fortitude – This health-boosting elixir stacks with a priest’s Fortitude buff. It is popular with tanks and some DPS who want to maximize their survivability. I expect it’ll be more popular in Phase 6 for the Loatheb fight. While not as popular as other raid elixirs it has a better profit margin.

    Alchemy 175

    23% profit margin

    Learned from an Artisan or Master trainer

    Nature Protection Potion – This offers 800 (on average) less protection than Greater Nature Protection Potion. But it costs raiders next to nothing compared to the Greater version, making it quite popular. Nature protection potions will still see some use in Naxxramas, so demand will remain in Phase 6. While the sale price is low, the profit margin is nice.

    Alchemy 190

    50% profit margin

    Recipe: Nature Protection Potion is a limited stock vendor item

    Transmute: Arcanite – The most obvious gold maker for most alchemists is transmuting Arcane Crystals into Arcanite Bars. You can sell your transmute every 48 hours to someone for 5-6 gold. Or if you can buy the Arcane Crystal yourself make it closer to 10 gold selling the Arcanite Bar. Less time yelling in a city, too.

    Alchemy 275 (requires level 35 or above)

    5-6 gold profit selling CD, 10 gold profit selling your own bar

    Recipe: Transmute Arcanite sold by a vendor in Gadgetzhan, Tanaris

    Transmute: Water To Air – Most good elemental transmute recipes are either expensive world drops or locked behind rep grinds. Except for this one, which only requires you to complete a quest series in Scholomance (can be done in a single run with a patient group). The Essence of Water is valuable, but the Essence of Air is worth more. Both are used more in Phase 5 and 6 with newer enchants. These transmute is also on a 24-hour cooldown, compared to 48 hours for Arcanite. You’ll need to buy your own Essence of Water and sell the Essence of Air. But once that’s done you’ll be able to rebuy as needed and pocket the difference. Check your own auction house prices, this is potentially a better gold per day option than Arcanite.

    Alchemy 275 (requires level 35 or above)

    5.5 gold profit selling your own Essence of Air, that’s 11 gold every 2 days vs 10 gold from Arcanite

    Recipe: Transmute Water to Air is sold by a ghost vendor in Western Plagueland near Scholomance. You need to have completed a Scholomance quest series to interact with the vendor.


    Herbalism offers a way to farm gold without really needing to put much thought into it. If you want the best gold income, pair Herbalism with Alchemy to farm the herbs that you will use to make potions and elixirs. The best herb to farm is

    Black Lotus, which is extremely valuable, but also quite rare. Black Lotus is needed to make Flasks, which are the most powerful consumables in the game for raids and will be used for all of WoW Classic.


    Bags are great sellers. Every needs them for all of their alts (especially those Hexweave Bag made with your garrison Tailoring hut.) Clothes and some pretty nice armor pieces also sell. Vanity items, shirts (and other clothing items) are also decent money makes, even at low levels. Green items, from your power leveling, can be disenchanted and the component parts sold off. Enchanting goes well with Tailoring for this reason.

    Look into items such as Tuxedos, dresses, fancy shirts, and so on. You might be amazed at what they sell for. Some recipes are available only at certain events, such as the Pattern: Festival Dress (Lunar Festival.) Get ahold of those and you’ll have less compatition.

    Some of the higher end stuff from prior expansions, such as the PvP gear, is cheap enough to make and can sell for nice prices. The high end Mists of Pandaria gear, on the other hand, can be very expensive to make.

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