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IGVault Tips Help You Choose Profession in WoW TBC Classic

  • In WOW TBC, choosing a suitable profession is very important for players. Professions have some new important areas in TBC, and will apply to all classes for different reasons. Whether it is to earn WOW Gold Classic , create unique gear, bring powerful consumables, or other aspects, TBC will have a profession that meets your needs.

    TBC Classic Professions Boost Explained

    Top-level professions are crucial in the Burning Crusade expansion as they not only allow you to farm gold but prepare you for the more challenging PvP and PvE content. Boosting your TBCC professions will be the key to success in the early stages of character development. With the right profession choice, you will always be geared up, filthy rich, and ahead of regular softcore players.

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    Alchemy in TBC is a strong profession for making gold. Transmutes like Primal Might will hold a lot of value throughout the game, and early on, many players will be willing to spend large sums of gold to get them.

    The profession gets added utility from the newly introduced Cauldrons that can provide full raids with important protection potions. And new Alchemist Stones can be used as trinkets that can be useful for healers situationally.

    Most players that have an alchemist will only do so to make potions and transmutes. This isn't necessarily a profession many players will want on the main character that they raid with.


    There's quite a bit of changes to Blacksmithing. TBC Blacksmithing is basically allowing players to create their own mail and plate armor as well as two-handed maces, axes and swords, one and two-handed. So while in vanilla Blacksmiths were able to craft a number of high-value endgame recipes Blizzard has really expanded on that in TBC -your range of gear that you can create that is good is much bigger. Most smiths choose Mining as their gathering profession as together with Blacksmithing it has a huge potential, it also has a huge price tag especially if you choose to buy all your materials on the auction house, so this combination is suitable for most classes that wear plate and mail armor regardless of spec. Though it's especially beneficial for tanks and melee dps, we'd really only recommend Paladins and Warriors learn Blacksmithing because of the abundance of plate gear in Blacksmithing but if you really really really wanted to, there are a few items for rogues and enhancement shamans in Blacksmithing but it's generally not recommended for those two classes.

    With Blacksmithing cap they'll be able to craft gear like Bulwark of the Ancient Kings and Embrace of the Twisting Nether or weapons like Bloodmoon, Dragonstrike and Blazefury as well as a vast number of boe epics like Oathkeeper's Helm and Hammer of Righteous Might. When it comes to leveling Blacksmithing since patch 2.3 Blizzard streamlined the process for training pretty much all professions, so as a result of that trainers in any major capital city can teach you from apprentice all the way through artisan. That is awesome because the only recipes you'll need to acquire before heading to Outland are in Gadgetzan. It would be probably easier for you to train in a capital in Kalimdor if you're powerleveling but you can do it however you want,

    Once you cross through the Dark Portal the master Blacksmithing trainers will be in your faction's first outpost in Hellfire Peninsula. There are also additional trainers from both the Aldor and Scryers in Shattrath.


    Leatherworking allows players to work various leathers and pelts into leather armors. It is paired with Skinning, and most players opt for this combination in terms of class and specialization. Leatherworking is suitable for all leather-wearing classes: Druid, Hunter, Shaman, and Rogue. You can find master trainers in Hellfire Peninsula for the alliance.

    In my opinion, Leatherworking is the absolute best profession for raiding and PvE due to the ability to create Drums of Battle. In Drums of War, it is very useful in raids. If you take into account the combined benefit for the entire party, you can see why it is so powerful.

    You can also craft Legs Enchant, which will definitely be best in the slot for some classes, and all leatherworkers can make very powerful gear. In my opinion, specialization is depending on what class you're playing.

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