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IGV Gold-Making Suggestions to Help You Make more WoW TBC Gold

  • When players are eager to purchase their desired weapons or gear or upgrade them in the game, they will need a lot of gold to pay for the fee or items. And if they expect to become stronger than others, they need to earn a large amount of WOW Classic Gold for Sale to maintain the cost of upgrading characters in the game. So, you can learn from this article to know how to earn more gold in WOW Classic TBC game.

    Primal Fire

    For the next TBC Classic gold farm, we are heading over to Hellfire Peninsula to check out another hyperspawning gold farm. One many of you might be familiar with and that is the primal fire farm all the way up north at the throne of kil'jaeden. The value of primal fires have dropped a lot since the launch of TBC, they used to be selling for 25 to 40 gold each and now they are selling for 10 to 15 each, while that means this farming location is a little bit less attractive than it used to be, if any of you farmed at this location for the first month of TBC, you will probably remember that it was absolutely packed almost impossible to farm because there were so many people and even with the hyperspawn mechanic you had to fight for mob tanks which really made your efficiency suffering.


    Rogues have a great ability to earn gold easily thanks to their unique Pick Lock skill, which allows them to open locked chests such as Khorium Lockbox.

    Level up this skill if you play this class, as it will pay off -- once your skill has been raised to high level, let it be known that you are selling your lockpicking services on the Trade Channel of your faction's capitals (or World).

    This should lead to a good number of requests and a tidy commission.

    This skill is also very useful in opening the door leading to the Shattered Halls, the Shadow Labyrinth, and even The Arcatraz without needing the Keys normally required. Earn moneyt from this service too!

    Farming Netherweb Spider Silk

    It is one of several types of cloth that a tailor can use to make different types of armor. This is used in multiple tailoring crafts, especially the tailoring specialization armor. Every tailor will need 8-10 Netherweb Spider Silk for the tailoring specialization armor set.

    There will be a massive amount of tailors, so it will cause a massive demand for this item. It can only be farmed in several locations, for example, Shattrath and Black Morass. You can also get some Netherweb Spider Silk by killing the spiders in Karazhan, which over time will generate a decent supply.

    Grind Dungeons for Crafting Materials and Drops

    It is difficult to harvest rare items in "World of Warcraft Classic", because many of them are "world drops" and can be used anywhere in the game world where there are monsters of a specific type or level. However, the crafters use a lot of materials to farm and repeatedly sell which spawn in dungeons without competition.

    The key to planting dungeons as materials is to kill monsters or prevent them from seeing yourself. There are the hunters and other strong solo classes, who can kill everything that might drop useful things.

    So, you can spend time in grinding WoW Classic Dungeons for crafting materials or farming dungeons for drops. In many cases, it may make more sense to hit a dungeon that takes more time to obtain more items, or to intermittently perform such farming while upgrading another equipment.


    Professions are one of the main sources of old income in the game and can be split up into two categories.


    Gathering professions are those that make the player go out into the open world and farm different materials. These include Skinning, Herbalism, Mining, and even secondary professions like Fishing.

    Players with gold already will just buy items straight from players or the auction house making these gold farms reliable and a good source of income for your time invested.


    Crafting Professions like Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, and Tailoring can also be a decent gold-making choice, although many of the crafted items are bind-on-pickup meaning that they cannot be traded.

    There are some extra items that can be made from these professions like the Nethercleft Leg Armor, which players will be after.

    Playing the Auction House

    By utilizing the common method, buying low, selling high. Instead of wasting time on doing dailies, it is easier to browse through the Auction House and look for items with little less than average price so you can easily sell them. Be smart about undercutting. Don’t use Auctioneer, a mod will never see the price fluctuations as a real person can.

    Check for items like Primals, Shards, Void Crystals, Gems and familiarize yourself with them. Also some common rares. It is ideal to make about 15 - 20 gold on each resell/auction flipping having in mind the Auction House cuts.

    These methods are going to be more or less profitable depending on what class you're playing, how good you are, if you want to farm TBC Classic Gold, you can try these S-tier and A-tier professions we mentioned. Maybe, you are tired of farming money in World of Warcraft Classic TBC, is here to provide the easiest and quickest way to get gold, by Buy WOW Classic Gold with real world money! cheapest price and instant delivery!