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Ultimate Gold Farming Guide to Making More WOTLK Classic Gold

  • Gold is not so easy to get in the vanilla version. Getting gold on your first mount at level 40 is an achievement for most players. When the game goes live and you decide to start your adventure, you'll notice that every piece of equipment, crafting materials, etc. is very expensive. This always happens when a new server or game is launched, because demand far exceeds supply. You'll also notice that quests offer significantly less gold than they do now, making it necessary to play the game efficiently and to know the commodity points used to grow WOW Classic Gold for Sale and level up.


    Based on gold-making potential, we categorized professions into three:

    Ones with steady income

    Enchanting, alchemy, cooking, and jewel-crafting all fall under this category. These professions are crucial, especially jewel crafting and enchanting, because, throughout the expansion, players will always seek to upgrade their gear with the best enchant and jewels.

    Cooking and alchemy fall under the consumable category, which includes potions, food, elixirs, and stuff raiders need to get the most output. Another benefit of alchemy is the ability to transmute items, and an especially important one they do is turning rare gems into epic gems, which is useful to jewel crafters.

    Now, an important note about getting gold through your profession is looking for a niche and focusing on items with low supply or high demand. You don't want to start making items that every other person is making, as this will reduce your gold-making potential.

    Cyclical income professions

    These ones are the gear crafting professions such as tailoring, blacksmithing, and leatherworking. They are important for when new raids drop new raids introduce new patterns that contain recipes for binder-equipped items like the Pattern: Belt of Arctic Life. So getting these patterns at the start will make you a lot of gold. However, the value and potential diminish as time goes on as more and more players acquire those items. In addition, tailors can make bags that every player wants, and blacksmiths can add gem sockets to belts and bracers.

    Short-term income professions

    Herbalism and Inscription fall under this category. Although herbalism can easily be added to the first category of steady income makers, there is a period where its value will be high. That's because it's tied to the inscription profession.

    Inscription is the brand new profession that'll be introduced into Wrath Classic, and it will be a valuable one right at the start of the expansion because of the glyphs it produces and the Darkmoon cards.

    Glyphs are very similar to enchants and jewels, but I like those. They are bound to characters instead of gears. This means it'll be a very valuable profession at the start as players move to gather glyphs for their different characters. And, of course, the demand will go down as time goes by.


    Always complete your daily quests because they grant some excellent crafting rewards and reputation.

    You get diminished rewards if you’re too powerful. The gold reward is reduced by 20% if you complete a level 74 quest with a level 80 character, but there is no penalty in the case of level 75 and above quests. It is better to save those quests until you’re maxed out so that you can clear them in the lowest possible time without sacrificing any of the rewards.

    Level Boosts

    Another point in our guide mentioned at the beginning relates to leveling up new “main chars” or (profession) twinks. However, most players don’t feel like spending too many hours on the well-known quests. It is much more time-efficient to be boosted by high-level characters in selected dungeons. And because many players know this and are willing to pay for this service, boosters can rake in a large amount of gold with their mages or protection paladins.

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