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How To Wash High Temperature Silk Wigs

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    First of all, the wig to take home, as far as possible, the wig on the dummy head or jar, do not put it at will, otherwise it is easy to deformation. Usually wigs are washed with hair lotion, if the wig is very dirty, also available shampoo cleaning, and blow-drying can not use too hot wind to blow, so as not to burn the wig, deformation. Finally, use a towel to wipe the water, hang in the cool table after drying into the box for preservation, but also in accordance with the original hairstyle will be properly attached to the hair comb, and then set in the plastic frame.

    Note: towel to absorb the water, then comb the shape, shade dry (do not comb in the washing process), can not be placed in the sun, because this type of wig is after high temperature treatment styling, once contact with heat sources will change shape, so away from heat sources (such as air conditioning, heating, hair dryer, etc.) storage. Wigs are also part of a beautiful appearance, and also need to be kept clean at all times. Wearing a dirty, greasy wig is not a pioneer of fashion and will affect the overall image.

    The frequency of cleaning depends on the temperature, air quality and personal perspiration. If the weather is hot, then after two or three days of wear, you must wash. Infrequent wig wearers to wash once every half a month is appropriate.