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An Recommendation of Digital Luggage Scale

  • In any industry, accurate weighing is essential to ensure products are consistent, costs are not incurred through inaccurate weighing, and in some cases, it’s a legal requirement to accurately weigh products which are sold based on weight, for example, food.

    To help you get the best from your weighing machine, here are 9 top tips to consider…

    The digital luggage scale should be leveled. Some scales have a built-in spirit bubble to assist with this.

    Check that the scale has all its feet and that these are adjusted so that the scale is level, i.e. not rocking. If feet are missing, report this to the appropriate person to source replacements.

    Scales should be clean and ready to use, debris on or under the scale will affect the accuracy and can lead to equipment damage.

    Top Pan
    If the scale has a top pan, check that it doesn’t rock because it is dented, buckled or damaged. If it does rock, report this to the appropriate person so that a replacement top pan can be sourced.

    Be aware of cables when moving a weighing machine. Damage can be caused by forgetting to unplug an industrial scale before moving. Standing scales, particularly floor platform scales can be susceptible to their cables being crushed, cut through or damaged. Disconnect the electronic weighing scale using the plug from the socket and not the mains cable.

    Moving Scales
    Take care when moving electronic weighing scales to ensure any potential damage is avoided.

    We know that many factories have cold and wet environments, but by taking extra care when using water around scales will ensure that water ingress is limited. Avoid high-pressure washing which can result in water ingress and costly repairs.

    Be careful when handling or moving any industrial weighing scale especially when the unit is put down. Place the scale gently on the working surface as sudden shock or drops will damage sensitive components of the weighing machine. This is one of the biggest causes of breakage and damage. Always carry bench scales carefully, don’t carry them by the framework mounted on top of the load cells as this will damage the load cell/flexures.

    Never stack scales on top of each other as this can damage load cells, cables, and flexures, resulting in costly repairs.

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