Satyapriya Acharya! Where are you?

  • Satyapriya Acharya! Where are you?

    After seeing agitated Ranjana , unconvinced Engineer Satyapriya Acharya who was on death bed signed bills of contractor and two tears rolled down from his eyes.

    मालूम नहीं ये आंसू सत्यप्रिय की मजबूरी के थे या उसकी ईमानदारी की कीमत या फिर उसकी हार के! Only Vimal Da can tell.

    You must be astonished, who is Satyapriya? It's name of character played by Great Dharmendra in movie Satyakam.

    Kasouli Asst Town planner Ms Shelbala was murdered while discharging her duties.

    Satyendra Dubey, an IITan and engineer of NHAI who chose  country over lucrative job in foreign country was brutally murdered in Shiban because of his honesty.

    Rifleman Aurngjeb was abducted and murdered for his honesty towards CRPF and conutry

    Trust me, this list doesn't have any end. Everyday we hear that officers are being hackelled or mentally tortured or murdered for not toeing in line of corrupt practices.

    It's easy to expect honesty from officers but do we give such environment where honesty and honest officers can survive at least if not flourish? It's very easy to say such officers are corrupt but don't you think we are also responsible?

    I can imagine that such kind of practice would have existed in 1960  otherwise why satyakam movie? Why munshi PremChand written “GABAN” in 1900s 

    My dad always say honesty is the best policy and he practiced what he said. I am witness of harassment or difficulties he faced very closely, I am also witnessed of one IAS officer who stayed (most of time) in guest house due his frequent transfer. Why frequent transfer ? Ohh come on don't be silly, it's was reward of his uprightness.

    I have seen some part of 80s and full part of 90s and can say that  there was more respect of values over money (despite having corrupt people) than now as wealth as corrupts were not eulogized publicly but now it's not case. What does it mean? It has simple meaning that as a society, we have degraded or being deteriorated. Now we dont speak for principles but for convenience. for example,

    we are concerned about human right of terrorist but never esquire what happened to our Shaheed Officers of armed force or civil servant or line man of electricity department or gang man of railways. 

    We speak about Kerala flood but not Nagaland flood.

    We speak for cow but not human.

    We question arrest of intellectuals but not those thousand guys who are inside jail without any trial for years.

    A novel having sell figure of some thousand become best seller because it was written in English by a practitioner  of particular ideology while Hindi author whose novels are sold in millions  termed as pulp writer ?

    We call for crowdfunding to save some old building but not distressed farmers? Who taught us to differentiate in human life? Who taught us to love materials instead of living being? and then we sit and say "something is wrong in society" while sipping wine or tea or whatever.  

    Funniest thing is that we are not honest (MY APOLOGY IF IT HURT YOU BUT ITS A BITTER TRUTH) but expect honesty from officers. I am not advocating that they should not honest, they must be as their conduct affect society at large but don't you think that we also have some responsibility? Don't  you think that we have to appreciate their effort or honor them? No. we have to do, we have to Honor honest and condemn corrupt. if we can afford to visit deceased leaders or film star or even terrorist than we have to visit Shelbala(s) or Styendra(s) house to tribute them  or if not visit, at least remember.

    Mind, you can't expect pure cream or butter from rotten milk.

    Milk represent us (society) and officers, professionals or judges are butter or cream, i other words product. Their quality depends upon our quality and our existence depends upon their uprightness.

    Otherwise, many Satyapriya or Satyendra or Shelbala or aurangjeb will be killed silently and we will be slipping into dark age of anarchy or violence slowly slowly.

    And we will say “अब कहाँ रहे वो सत्यप्रिय आचार्य or hello! Satyapriya Acharya! Where are you”

    Jai Hind

    (*Here term officer(s) use for all person who hold any office of responsibility be it judge, engineer, doctor or auditor etc.)