Surat Tragedy: Colossal Failure of Common Sense&Great Courrage

  • Surat Fire Tragedy: A tale of colossal failure of Common Sense & great Courage


    With heavy heart and teary eyes, my tribute to all kids who lost their lives in Surat fire tragedy , condolences to their family, Salute to Ketan for exemplary courage and prayer for speedy recovery to those who are in hospital. Om Shanti

     Another tragedy, another outrage on channel and wait for next.

    Indeed, it's tale of corruption , unauthorised construction and collusion on part of builders , officials because they failed to protect interest of consumer and public for which they were accountable and must be prosecuted for.

     But what happened to our conscious and common sense ? No doubt, they are responsible for tragedy but are we not responsible?

    Do we prepare ourselves or our children for such eventualities despite knowing that our system will take long to correct itself?

    Is not present system culmination of our collective thinking or consciousness coupled with our inaction?

    Do we feel pain of others after such tragedy or if feel ,what we do except feeling sorry and write something (like I am doing)?

    There may be 100s question but no answer.


    Colossal failure of Common Sense: A tale of I-am-first-one-to-share culture and great courage:

    We parents try our level best to give all comfort and means of convenience but forget to increase their tolerance level to face such hardship. For example We give them bottle of waters but never advise them to use with restraint so that their level of tolerance can be developed.

    Thanks to 499 out of 500 marks culture and competition, physical education has been taken back seat and such kind of training are termed as waste of time (as my friend's told me). I don't hear NCC or NSS except in government school.

    Most of kids who were jumping out were in age group of 14-18 but why?

    I am sure ,it would be horrible scene  inside and they must have seen their friends burning alive that's why they have taken such fatal decision.

    Cant we teach or advise  our children to delay inevitable  by using their survival senses? For example they could use their jeans or other clothes to make rope instead of jump? Perhaps they would do but then society would be in mind what people say? And horrible scene to see their pics would be circulated  on social media etc. These things may be my imagination but possibilities are there. Can't we give them assurance that their lives are more precious than our so called IZZAT or PRIDE due to such pics?

    Do we just feel sorry and move to other channel or teach our children, how to face such mishap?




    We are witness of mob lynching (some of these are of international interest) in the name of various things or issue.

    Was Surat Tragedy not mob lynching ? Was it not mob lynching just because people were not doing anything except making video to share later and made it difficult for fire brigade in rescue operation?

    100s of people can be scene around takshila building making MMS. Did they discharge  their duties as citizen ? Couldn't they arrange something which could reduce impact ? Can't even they make temporary net just using their clothes or other things like sponge etc. (M sure they were equally concerned but couldn't do much)

    Please before switching to other channel, think yourself, what you could do in such situation and jolt down on papers and imbedded in your mind. Who knows, if We can be part of such mob in future.


    And yes instead of making MMS of such tragedy (be it road accident or pregnant lady crying in pain on platform or horrible fire tragedy), please do something to save lives and become DEVDOOT. Don't worry, you will get video of such tragedy and trust me, your consciousness will not forgive you if you make video instead of helping person or people in distress.


    Ketan, the Super Man: A tale of exemplary Courage


    We watch movies of super hero but hardly see in real life. Surat Mishap was a real story of real super hero. He refused to be a part of inactive mob lynching .

    He refused to be part of I-Am-First-One-to-Share group. Instead he use his common sense and *** like inner power to save lives of 8 kids, risking his own life. It's was not easy at all and he was aware that it might be end of his own life but his heroic thinking and effort he put everything behind to save lives of so many kids. Please be aware he was not hero of avengers equipped with gadgets but a simple human like us who become super hero and BHAGWAN for those family whose kids were saved by him.

    Alas, had takshila found 2-3 more KETAN  and common sense in mob then we could have save some more lives .

    My salute to Ketan who is super hero for me. So for you. Isn't it?

     Once again my tearful tribute to kids who lost their lives and salute to Ketan, the Super Man.

    Please think.

    Jai Hind