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Ear Infection Home Remedy

  • The ear is a very sensitive organ, it's the home of probably the most crucial senses of the human body - the auditory sense. Because of its delicate nature, there are various problems that may occur with the human ear. Probably the most typical problems happens When the ear becomes infected. Such inflammations of the ear commonly occur in children.

    All ear infections and aches are collectively known as Putikarna in Ayurveda. Therefore an individual with ear problems should take care not to aggravate the kapha dosha further. The cold season is usually associated with ear problems. In certain people, ear aches infections are associated with common colds that are caused at the onset of the winter months. The common colds should be treated soon, or the inflammation can cause permanent harm to the hearing sense. That is a serious case of ear infection that should be treated promptly. When there's a pus infection, there'll be cough and more than likely the kid will also have fever.

    Useful Herbs for the Treatment of ear infections and Aches. Bael the bael tree is root utilised in a distinctive manner to treat ear problems. The oil dripping from this root is allowed to fall in the ear. This brings about tremendous relief from ear aches and infections. Bishop's Weed Bishop's weed is very efficient in treating ear congestions.


    Holy Basil holy basil, or tulsi as it's Called in Hindi, is beneficial for ear issues. The juice extracted from its leaves must be utilized as ear drops. It's added advantages in kids who suffer from ear problems. Neem has antiseptic qualities due to which it may kill the microorganisms that produce the infections in the ear. The diet taken by a patient with ear problems should be such that it doesn't vitiate the kapha dosha, which is accountable for them.