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  • Apart from the finer points in roasting coffee beans, the extraction of the coffee flavour from the beans by way of preparation is the most crucial facet of coffee making. It's the final process right before we drink our coffee. Today, we've several forms of coffee brewing techniques, both for commercial and home use. The smaller the coffee particles, the shorter the extraction time. French press coffee is the longest, with coffee and water contact lasting so long as four minutes. Espresso has the shorter contact time, about twenty five seconds, and the coffee granules used are among the smallest. 

    In case the coffee and water stay together for far too long, other compounds start to leach and these will make the coffee bitter. And on the other hand, if the granules are large, and the extraction time is short, the coffee will lack flavour because of under extraction. Drip brewMost home brews nowadays are produced throughout the drip process. The technique is straightforward enough: warm water is poured on a medium ground coffee in a filter and the water goes throughout the coffee grounds and drips into a holding container. There are various variations on these drip brewers with different functions for home use, and also available in larger models for commercial use. 

    Auto drip brewersThis machine makes brewing a quite simple process. The extracted brew then drips into a holding vessel. One complaint is that these machines don't make the water hot enough, so flavour extraction happens at lower temperatures than is recommended. Another issue is the machines have warming hot plates, apparently to keep the coffee warm. Pre packaged coffee is inserted into the machine and with one push of a button, the coffee begins to come out. Some machines can brew with less water, making for stronger coffees. One complaint is that these machines use proprietary packaged coffee, so quality and freshness can't be guaranteed.


    To use, heat the brewing water and pour it on the coffee grounds in the beaker. Let it rest Coffee for about 3 to five minutes before putting the plunger in and push the dregs down with the filter mesh. You might stir the brew for a second or two before putting the plunger in. The continuous steeping will make the coffee bitter. Espresso - Espresso coffee created by forcing warm water steam through finely ground coffee at a certain pressure. The resulting brew is called espresso, as developed by the Italians. It differs from regular coffee in that it's got a cream produced by the process unlike regular brews.

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