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Maintenance Of Protein Bar Extruder Is Very Important

  • Can Encrusting Machine Manufacturer's packaging production line equipment operate with zero failure? I believe many people remain skeptical;

    Companies that often experience failures and shutdowns generally believe that it is normal for equipment to fail, just like people get sick. Under the guidance of this kind of thinking, it is not surprising that there is a failure and shutdown, and they don't think this is a problem. Since it is not a problem, there will be no improvement thinking and measures.

    However, companies that can achieve zero-fault operation continuously for a long time generally believe that most of the machine equipment failures are caused by man-made deterioration, and are caused by improper use and maintenance. Just like if we attach importance to health and health care, our chances of longevity will be higher. If we attach importance to preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance of equipment, the probability of smooth and zero-fault operation of equipment will of course be higher.

    In short, whether the equipment can achieve zero-fault operation is firstly based on your mind and pursuit. People have already given a clear answer with actions: as long as we have ideas, we can always approach zero-fault operation infinitely. Ideas can be actively pursued, or they can be imposed by environmental pressure.

    As the packaging production line equipment from design and selection, to procurement, installation, commissioning, acceptance, operation management, transformation and upgrading, scrapping and other aspects of the organization: design and selection leave defects, improper operation and use cause man-made damage, maintenance Improper cause of man-made deterioration, etc.

    The causes of Protein Bar Extruder failures are very complicated, and there are many manifestations. It is not enough to rely on personal wisdom. Toyota’s experience tells us that it is often easier to find the cause and solution by conducting small group activities, conducting diagnosis and brainstorming . To this end, full participation and small group activities have become the basis for achieving zero failure. Specifically in;

    1. Make potential failures obvious. Find micro-defects (dust, dirt, deflection, looseness, leakage, sound, temperature, vibration, corrosion, deformation, scars, cracks, wear, etc.) through cleaning to find out potential faults.
    2. Improve the design and enhance the level of intelligence. Advocate low-cost semi-automated, automated, self-sufficient and fully intelligent machinery and equipment.
    3. Towards predictive maintenance, predictive maintenance is a method of determining the maintenance time by monitoring the status of the equipment.

    The connection between the Internet and the zero-failure operation of equipment

    Use Internet sensing technology, thermal imaging, online vibration monitoring, online pressure monitoring, online temperature monitoring and other means to visualize the status of the equipment operation process, reflect the maintenance requirements of the equipment in real time, grasp the availability of the equipment in the system in real time, and check the equipment in real time. Obtain the collected information and data for processing, predict the status of subsequent equipment operation, and manage equipment maintenance.

    Although the Internet and the Internet of Things technology can improve equipment operation status detection, remote diagnosis, fault warning and visualization, etc., it only makes equipment operation management from form to intelligence, if it does not consolidate basic management such as equipment management process and standardization of responsibilities , And use lean as a means to continuously optimize, but simply buy smart equipment and software, you will find that you can’t buy the equipment for zero-fault operation with money.