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Attention To The Use Of Cookies Making Machine

  • Beef ball is a traditional meat product made from fresh beef thigh as the main raw material, supplemented with natural spices and additives, through ground meat, beating, pickling, forming, and quick freezing. It has a unique flavor and full fragrance, especially excellent elasticity. It has obvious meat fiber, and the taste is crisp and solid, and it is spherical. It can be used as soup, side dishes, skewers, barbecue, etc.

    Processing Equipment

     Meat grinder, beater,  Coxinha Machine


    Raw materials

    Fresh beef thighs and fats have passed the sanitary inspection and have no hair, lymph, congestion; salt, monosodium glutamate, white sugar, beef flavor, etc. are commercially available; spices are commercially available, compound phosphate is analytical grade, corn starch, potato starch , Dried shiitake mushrooms are commercially available.

    Basic formula (unit: kg)

    Beef ham 55, chicken breast 15, fat 30, ice water 10, salt 2, white sugar 3, complex phosphate 0.2, monosodium glutamate 1, I+G 0.03, white pepper 0.16, scallion crisp 2, other spices 0.8 , Corn starch 5, Potato starch, Wet mushroom granules 5, Beef essential oil 0.1, Beef flavor 0.2.

    Manufacturing processes

    1. Mincing: Cut the whole beef into small pieces and place them in a meat grinder. The orifice plate of the meat grinder is D16 mm orifice plate; then the chicken breast is also grinded for use, and the fat fat is frozen with D8 mm. The orifice plate is twisted.
    2. Beating: Use a meatball beater, first check whether the machine is in good condition, and then add beef, chicken and compound phosphate to beaten in order, then add part of the water, add fat particles and starch after beating for 10 minutes, and finally add the remaining ice Water, beating time 20 minutes.
    3. Forming: Put the marinated meat filling into the forming machine, start the machine, adjust the weight and forming speed of the meatballs, and make the meatballs formed at a water temperature of 80°C to ensure a cool structure of the formed meatballs. Crisp, no oily. The time is 30 minutes.



    Notes on Cookies Making Machine

      1. The molding temperature is an important factor that determines the brittleness of meatballs. The molding temperature of tribute balls is best to be molded at a low temperature. Such a structure is better, and the temperature is 80-85℃. In addition, pay attention to the temperature of beating. The temperature should be controlled below 10°C. The temperature can be lowered by adding ice water in batches.

      2. With the improvement of living standards, traditional product tastes also need continuous innovation. Some quick-frozen food companies boldly use flavors and develop delicious and high-quality products to meet the needs of the market; some companies have backward technology and cannot keep up with the changes in the market, and are gradually eliminated.