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Introduction To The Output Of Kibbeh Machine

  •   The biscuit production line out of context is a whole assembly line of biscuits under the effect of a series of Cookies Making Machine. It consists of a biscuit forming machine, an authentic hot-air circulating electric oven, a fuel injection machine, a turning machine, a cooling line, a biscuit picking machine, a biscuit filling meter, a packaging table, etc. So what are the characteristics of this production line?


    All kinds of machinery on the biscuit production line are equipped with frequency conversion speed regulation. All kinds of machinery cooperate with each other to achieve real automation. The authentic electric oven adopts energy-saving quartz electric heating tube, which has sufficient heat radiation and fast heating speed; the temperature control system adopts Taiwan temperature Control equipment, unique energy-saving technology, can save energy up to 30% during normal operation.


    The biscuit forming machine is frequency-converted and linked, the operation is simple and convenient, the workers are quick to get started, all kinds of supporting equipment, sugar and salt spreader, oil sprayer, syrup spraying machine, multi-function duster, trough type cake sorting machine, differential cake sorting Auxiliary equipment such as biscuits, nut slicers, etc. are all available, providing mechanical matching for the production of various types of biscuits with different flavors.


      The selection of biscuit production line should first meet the requirements of shopping malls and production, in order to effectively improve and produce the varieties that consumers like. Therefore, the selection of biscuit production line is very important for the development of biscuit production enterprises. Let me introduce you to the two major items of choosing a biscuit production line. It has strong applicability and is accustomed to changes in shopping malls: The production line of Kibbeh Machine must be accustomed to changes in local natural, economic and social conditions.