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Cookies Making Machine Manufacturers Safety Guarantee


    Encrusting Machine's production method and skill range: In biscuit production companies, biscuit production lines with existing skills, because some of the processes are completed manually by workers, so there is more demand for biscuit production lines with existing skills Operators, for example, the existing skills of biscuit packaging operations are manually operated by workers.

    The finished biscuits produced by the automatic biscuit production line are transported to the packaging workshop through belts. Workers transfer the biscuits from the belt to the cardboard boxes. The biscuit packaging workers then place the biscuits in the cardboard boxes in each container by hand. In the plastic (container for biscuits), the plastic containing the biscuits is put into the packaging machine for packaging; workers finish the biscuit sub-packing operation by hand, and the work power is low.


    To complete the biscuit packaging operation, a large number of workers are required, the corresponding plant area is also large, and the production cost of the biscuit is also high; in addition, because each worker has different operating skills, the packaging in the plastic The number of biscuits is inconsistent, there are more and less, which does not meet the requirement of equal number of biscuits; workers complete the biscuits packaging operation by hand.


       Measured by the hygienic standards of food production, there are certain hygienic problems; therefore, the quality of the biscuit production line with existing skills cannot be guaranteed, the production power is difficult to improve, and the degree of mechanization and automation is not high. Cookies Making Machine manufacturers in order to increase the power of biscuit production, reduce labor, ensure product quality, meet the sanitary standards of food production, and complete the mechanization and automation of biscuit production.