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Precautions For Manufacture Bread Making Machine Application

  •    The Automatic Steamed Bun Making Machine can produce buns that are formed by putting the mixed dough and the mixed filling into the designated bucket of the machine, with 2,400-3600 buns per hour. High-efficiency production of steamed buns is suitable for users to save electricity and is practical.

    1. Improved slow pressure noodle conveying system, with larger noodle conveying volume, which can make 250g big buns.

    2. Improved vortex filling feeding system makes the filling more smooth and even, and solves the problem of unstable filling of steamed buns in the past.

    3. Imported double frequency conversion control, the size of noodles and fillings can be adjusted freely, easy to use, and high accuracy.

    4. Lightweight body, reasonable design, compact structure, easy to move, and does not take up space.

    5. Made of high-quality stainless steel, durable, beautiful and in line with national food hygiene standards.

    6. It can make 2,400 steamed buns per hour, and the product size is within 20g-250g, which can be adjusted at will.

    7. The products made by Manufacture Bread Making Machineare uniform in size, smooth in surface and neat in patterns, which are much more beautiful than handmade bags.