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Understanding Of The Three Phase Of Three Phase Electricity Met

  • In interior decoration, circuit design and decoration are very important. Hydropower is a concealed project, so it is necessary to pay attention to specific construction techniques during decoration to ensure the quality of construction. Pay attention to the design of the wires when decorating the circuit. After installing the three phase electricity meter , many of my friends do not understand what three phase electricity means. What exactly does three-phase electricity mean?

    Many people think that three-phase electricity has three wires. This is not the case. We cannot define it by the number of wires. The reason why it is called three-phase electricity is that it has three live wires. The three live wires share a neutral wire, that is, there are 4 wires. However, to prevent leakage, a ground wire will be added, that is, there are 5 wires. This is an uncertain matter.

    Three-phase alternating current is a form of transmission of electrical energy, referred to as three-phase electricity for short. A three-phase AC power supply is a power supply composed of three AC electric potentials with the same frequency, the same amplitude, and the phase difference of 120°. This is the most correct explanation for three-phase electricity.

    That's it for the understanding of three-phase electricity. For more details, please visit the kilo watt-hour meter .