I'm just gonna stick with 2k21

  • I will but Nba 2k21 Mt I don't know if they will. It really is. They don't provide you an inch of distance and they react to your moves instantly. Same, fell 46 but it is the only way to score so it's boring af. If you can shoot, use screens and score that way its not hard, just have to read the protection. Calling screens every drama is not enjoyable. I miss 2k18 when I really could blow by them Mfs.

    I really don't play mycareer to telephone displays every play. Back then I would legit play the entire time without worrying about the rec or the park. The Ai is so annoying I'd rather be in the rec missing wide open shots or becoming chilled out of a crime by a group of four. That's the way I grinded my finishing badges last year. Easiest shit ever lmao. That is the one thing I'd as they kept over enjoying the 3.

    Truth, phoning off-ball screens are equally as excellent. Don't overlook new balance player or the game instead of Jordan. Wtf is that shit man. I think I am just gonna stick with 2k21 until I get next gen or until 2k22. This game just does not look like it is gont be overly good. Grab me out here making the suburban white dad build now, fuck around and find out. Since 2K foundations all of it's decisions on this game solely around money.

    It's the reason for the big VC implementation, high priced items in the playground and extra heavy marketing of MyTeam aka Casino Royale. And they cause you to shill the fuck out of Gatorade and Beats in the media conferences and advertisements lol. Good. Disrespect and I'll grab your ankles in my Grill Daddies. Only thing missing is Eric Bledsoe sitting on Gods throne since apparently he is god now. That's crazy that you had the exact same experience that he was the only player in the entire thing that was creating consistent jump shots for me. Fantastic defense too.

    He's so god damn fast and a godly dunker too apparently. Haha good one but how do you access the dribble tutorial? On PS4 click on the pad and it is going to provide you choices to various tutorials. Honestly this demonstration was the worst in the previous 5 decades. Facts, a Ben Simmons type construct was fun for me though. I left a big man who can't shoot for shit but is crazy on finishing and defense and mt for sale 2k21 it was lots of fun. I think I'll just not shoot this year lol.