I anticipate rs3 con becoming fixed

  • You guys sure promised to RS gold squeeze a lot in the past couple of months of the year. I am hopeful this is the flip in the right direction we've been awaiting. Please don't let us down! Lets hope we'll get something excellent out of it. Most of us understand you CAN provide quality updates. Merely to provide context mod ash needed to rewrite most of the construction code just to find moveable rooms functioning. Building generally is really messy coding.

    So from what I am hearing its only. . Bold suggestion I'm convinced, but may I propose you completely redoing construction from the ground up and introducing it as a new skill? Yes, this means finding a new spot for all hint scroll, wardrobe etc etc to be stored and nuking furniture that we spent 50+ mil on. With ample communication I believe this is possible and that I really would really like to see that happen. I say this mainly because the way houses are in our sport is an excellent 2007 item but its out of date now at a more fundamental basis, and other MMOs just have plenty more innovative ways at having homes. The skill should just be entirely redone with no hint of older school building.

    It is more like having 50 distinct piles of 10 decades + homework, and then picking which of those piles to start on first. Building goes up against the new player experience, the participant avatar and a lot more, but it's definitely near the top of the heap. We've picked something for Structure that wouldn't get in the way of a future rework and might supplement it. Your idea for how to change Construction is great, but I would stop short of making it a whole new skill. I'm not convinced that's what would be best for the player base.

    I do not actually think the RuneScape player foundation would complain. Ah, so it's among those. Given the things that its up against it makes sense that there's so much more along with this pile (I encourage the priority on those btw and I occasionally need to remind myself of exactly what rests on the top ).

    I always thought a floor up redo of construction (and stomaching possible parting from some players) is the only viable path. As you state player base, I'd contest that by saying the player base desires the operational preservation of several items (gilded altar, costume room storage(s), workshop elements and pet storage). Other elements are a relic from a different decade and I also feel like updating everything else is a significant chore. If what serves players want could safely be imported to buy runescape 3 gold a more contemporary MMO style"home" concept.