Try soloing a number of the high level NPCs in RuneScape

  • Woodcutting is very similar in both p2p and f2p. I believe magic trees need 75 wc to OSRS gold chop, so a p2p player with 70 wc would not be able to utilise them. The p2p player could use a dragon axe, however this provides only a small growth in chopping rates in contrast to some rune axe. So, cutting yews, the prices for p2p and f2p are very similar (The only real advantage of p2p will be people at each yew-cutting place ).

    The fishing guild in p2p gives a much faster way to generate money from fishing. In f2p, fishing lobsters/swordfish out of Karamja gives you perhaps 20k an hour (no idea on this one). In p2p, the rate would be twice as fast. The p2p player may also fish shark and monkfish that could also give even more profit per hour. In the time a f2p participant makes 100k out of fishing, a p2p participant will make 200-300k.

    Mining is the same narrative, in p2p the mining guild remains among the greatest areas for coal/mith, but there are hardly any people in each world so you always have a few rocks to yourself. You can even utilize the wilderness mining sites in p2p more readily and safely since you have the option of wilderness teleporting. If a f2p participant made 100k from mining, then a p2p player could make 150-200k.

    The actual benefit of p2p is at higher levels. Should you get 90+ stats in combat, you can usually find small teams, or you could try soloing some of the top level NPCs in the game such as the GWD bosses (and I know you will find lots more large ones who idk the names of), which normally give you a good drop value 5-10m+ every now and then. Slayer may also be used to make money. I used to make about 400-500k an hour out of green dragons as a level 110, while gaining decent combat xp at the same moment.

    Jagex realized that they did not want rares in Runescape because they didn't intend for what was likely to be funny holiday items, to become the higher-priced things in the Runescape market. Since rares are stopped, eventually (a very long time from today ), Jagex will get its wish and all the rares will evaporate from Runescape, through attrition.

    One by one, slowly but certainly, there'll be rares which won't acquire sold-transferred prior to a person stops playing Runescape. (1) A individual having a rare could reduce their password (and not have retrieval questions). (2) A individual with a rare could do something illegal in Runescape to receive their account banned (3) An occasional uncommon might be missing (highly improbable given their worth these days that somebody could be so careless, but it IS possible), (4) etc.. ) But it is ensured, since no new supplies of buy RuneScape gold the discontinued things will ever be created, that by attrition, there'll be no more rares.