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EVE can simply be downloaded on one of my Chromebooks

  • I refunded my neuros and eve echoes isk omega charge that they gave money back no questions asked. Got all money refunded.Really? How do I get in contact with customer support? All I have talked to are robots.They aren't overly fussy about the motive, if you don't do this a lot, (I've only once before) And unless the purchase was many many months ago they generally mark it refunded in under 15 minutes. It may take around 4 times each their faq.

    If fine dude, it is still possible to afk autopilot. Nothing has changed unless you live in Null.Old EO player here with lots of nullsec PvP experience...and I too don't want EE to become EO...I began EE because of how different it had been in the first place.. In case it becomes the exact same mind numbing"watch display for 100 years or die" then I'm not renewing my omega for cash.Nobody needs this in a cell game and not many individuals have that amount of time to invest anyway.

    A compromise might have been made that makes everyone happy...but the Devs chose to just go full on EO and that's just bs to get a phone game. "ALL ECHOES PLAYERS" like me, wanted nothing to do with EVE online but loved the notion of a simplified variant of this game for your phone.Yup, that is me. I am an old Eve Online vet.

    Enters Echoes. A simplified EVE encounter, playable in tiny bursts, with a number of the depth of EVE, but none of the annoyances? Well, I was absolutely intrigued! Unfortunately, the dream is over. For some reason Netease believes it is a fantastic idea to turn it to EVE ONLINE but on cellular phones. Maybe it will work nicely for them. It surely will not for me.

    Warp! Destination: somewhere else.I like how most of the elderly EO players are as much against this since the remainder of these guys. They simply always keep blaming us with this shift, like we made it or even asked for it.You're goddamn right. I don't desire EO 2.0, I want mobile, can have some short fun with it, EVE.Same ill just go back to Online, also hault my lap top around for mobile play when I'm in work.Time to fire the Chromebook...

    FWIW, EVE can simply be downloaded on one of my Chromebooks (Pixel Slate) and two others.Not it things for Geforce Currently, unless they are skipping some Chromebooks for different reasons...I played with EO consistently for approximately 8 years, and also on-and-off sporadically for the following 3. I have got capital boats, I have billions of isk, I've struck trillions before but lost the drive to push that hard since I gained more irl responsibilities (needing to EVE Echoes Items pay a mortgage is a bitch let me inform youI miss my carefree years).