It is going to take a time for the scripts to EVE echoes

  • The"Remainder" option will update all calculations to EVE Mobile ISK take your on hand tools into account. This will demonstrate the charge to purchase just the remaining resources needed to manage the part. Craft Component button Clicking this will mimic crafting the part, causing your on hand minerals and planetary materials to reduce by the amounts necessary for the chosen component.Reprocess Ores button - Clicking this can simulate reprocessing all your on hand ores, reducing their hand values and upping your nutrient on hand worth suitably depending on the Ore Reprocessing Efficiency table.

    When you load the sheet and make a shift please be patient as it is going to take a time for the scripts to initialize and run for the first time. This may take upwards of 30 minutes depending on how active google servers really are. Subsequent changes ought to be a lot faster and just require a few seconds.I hope that you find this brand new release more useful than ever.

    Quite nice, I will have to examine this and learn how to really use it. Is everyone whos playing eve super intelligent? Or am I just outright dumb?Everyone is a con artist in training.Well a lot of eve players have technology backgrounds. The other large group is posers.There's also a huge contingent of mad clowns.I do not get it, no one does, but play for a couple of years and you will see the trend. Can you shed some light onto the"Number of Reprocesses" found in I21:I36?It's related to the quantity of raw ore needed, and also the raw ore from the"Ideal Mix" section is the number 100 of M3 you need of this ore?So if the"perfect mix" of Spod needed is 300 - which means I want 30,000 Spod.

    You're dead on right until the end. A"reprocess" is obviously 100 ores. If the ideal mix calls for 300 spod reprocesses then you are correct that you require 30,000 spod. One reprocess of spod is 100 spod and will give you minerals based on your reprocessing efficiency. Hope that helps clear things up.Ok, I was confused since the formula for"Number of reprocesses" is that the"Ideal Mix" divided by 100. Cells I21-I37 in the sheet.

    Or an option to provide"custom layout cost" without overriding the lookup for the industry price?Thanks! Fantastic spreadsheet.Agreed, after I've bought the pattern afterward the price ought to be secured in (also, it may have been got for free).Love your sheet. 1 suggestion is to have separate editable fields for each industry's material efficacy. I keep forgetting to swap the % when I'm looking at different classes of ships.I may look at this for future variation but buy eve echoes isk it would likely add some substantial complexity.