I'm still on Madden 21

  • Not shocked they added pretty much nothing. I expected the exact same game and Madden 21 coins that's what we got. If anything important is added (and that's a gigantic IF) it will be 22, and at this point I am not getting my hopes up. Will it be available for PC? Have they supported one way or the other yet? Edit: confirmed via ea help. There won't be an upgrade to PC. Disappointing as fuck. Im guessing this wont be on computer? Ready for real player motion? Looks really cool... wait a moment... has this happened twice before now, especially with player movement? What's the play calling different compared to the present one? It literally says the main goal for every play. The only difference is a brand new ui and saving plays.

    In general, the only cool thing I see is next gen stats. I love this addition. We are going to see how it is in match butif done right, it provides a deeper level of immersotivity and evaluation you want to see. Still not buying Madden since the gameplay will not be a different and neither will any other facet of franchise style but they finally added a worthy rear of the box feature. Good job. You did a basic necessity of new video games.

    In a game that is already both commanded and crippled by canned contextual animations, then they are tripling down on that strategy with player particular canned contextual animations. There are two phases to Madden gameplay: cartoons, and the game looking for animations. Absolutely everything that occurs in this game between animations is your game hunting (sometimes in vain) for what animation to perform next.

    I finally got around to upgrading this file thanks to a couple of reddit members who reached out to me and helped me out by giving me the new excel export files because I'm still on Madden 20 lol. I expect more people can appreciate it this time around. It's easy to set up but you do need to have the madden 20 companion app and Microsoft 2013 or later because enabling powerpivot and power query function is required.

    Fantastic stuff, I am blown away. I was used to manually loading my own franchise info in an excel spreadsheet when playing preceding Maddens. You've created this INCREDIBLY less tedious. I was for certain thinking of skipping Madden this year in protest of lack of franchise improvements, but you've honestly inspired me. I want to buy it only for mut coins madden 21 what you have implemented here.