TikTok Star Rekha Sunil now on Roposo

  • Following the ban on TikTok in India, one of the most talented & famous TikTok Stars, Rekha Sunil, who has over 80 lakh followers on TikTok, is now on Roposo with her beautiful and charming music videos. Her Roposo profile link:


    Roposo, with the tag line "India ka aona video app", is in the forefront of India's short video apps with its promising features, though not as wholesome as TikTok or Likee apps in terms of visual effects it currently offers to its users. But surely it has the potential to be as good as TikTok feature-wise, and hopefully, we will see tremendous feature improvements in its future updates. 

    The other promising Indian short video apps are - Moj, Laki, and ShareChat. Laki in particular offers some excellent visual effects that are almost as good as those of TikTok. But as of now, Laki is still in the initial phase of development. Promisingly, it is coming out with frequent updates nowadays, each update adding a new feature.

    Will India have a short video app as robust as TikTok or Likee any sooner? Or, is the ban on these Chinese apps going bro be lifted? We don't know, but it is always better for India to develop its own apps that are as good as, or even better, than the imported ones!