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How to wear an embroidered coat


    As a must-have item in winter, almost everyone has one coat, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, you must have attractive decorations. Adding embroidery elements to the coat can become retro and gorgeous in seconds, super cool and stylish.

    The full-body embroidered coat is one of the more flamboyant ones among the embroidered coats, but you can choose a darker embroidered flower hue, which won’t be too flamboyant for autumn and winter.

    A small area of ​​embroidery will make the clothes low-key but distinctive, and some sporadic embroidery on the sleeves or chest will add charm to the clothes.

    Large-area embroidered coats look more solemn, suitable for people with a stronger aura, and will look grand and gorgeous.

    If you think embroidery is too old-fashioned, this idea is immature. There are also many cartoon embroidery this year, which are not only playful and beautiful but also very young.

    Regarding the collocation of embroidered coats, you can choose as simple as possible inside to highlight the exquisite beauty of embroidered coats. Or you can choose the inner layer of the same color so that the embroidery and the overall collocation will be integrated and at the same time it will look very advanced.

    The embroidered coat itself is a complex single product, so it is better to choose the style of the matching single product as simple as possible, which can highlight the beauty of the embroidered coat. Or choose embroidered flowers with the same color as the clothes, which are more coordinated and more advanced.

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