Health qualification rate of safety glove factory

  • In recent years, the safety gloves factory's business has not been doing well. Whether it is a large-scale production factory or a small family-based workshop, there are several pain points.

    Except for some labor protection gloves used in special fields that have a certain technical content, other labor protection gloves for ordinary consumers are easy to be imitated. As a result, the market is flooded with labor protection gloves with almost no difference. When consumers face more choices, labor protection gloves manufacturers will face tremendous sales pressure.

    Because of raw materials and chemical additives, most disposable plastic gloves, rubber gloves and other products contain toxic substances. Manufacturers are limited by capital and technology, it is difficult to reduce the toxic content of gloves. Consumers have very high health requirements, and products with low health qualification rates are generally not purchased.

    After analyzing the pain points faced by enterprises and consumers in the glove industry, the safety gloves factory decided to find a market segment, and use this segment as a breakthrough point to enter the market, avoid the fierce competition of product homogeneity, and at the same time Effectively solve the pain points faced by consumers.