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Marketing generations: A Complete Guide

  • You should be aware that you are different from the Digital Marketing Agencies Nottingham generation before the generation of your own way. Same with the generation after you.


    Choices, preferences, attitudes, lifestyles, values, and interests change as they transition from one generation to the next.


    A generation is a group of people who fall into the same age group, and their lives are formed by the same type of trends and experiences.


    One time I was talking to my friend who is a musician. He told me how his father loved the gospel, but he has no interest in them.

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    On the other hand, he enjoys rock music. As a new generation enters the family in the form of his son, he learned that his son has no interest in rock music but he loves EDM. It showed him how things began to change from one generation to another.


    There was a time when we lived without any technology and interact with our neighbors, read the newspaper, watch the show on our TV, and communicated with the help of snail mail.

     Now we interact with our neighbors in social media, our attention span is too low to read the whole newspaper, love is watching on Netflix, and communicate through social media channels.

     electronic music is gaining popularity, as well as veganism. We are more concerned about our earth than we've ever been in our lives.

     Women who take important decisions in the business world rather Digital Marketing Company Nottingham than only concerned with what is cooking in the kitchen. We changed and so should our marketing to honor the newer version and better than ourselves.