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The benefits of riding a fixed-gear bike


    Now more and more people choose bicycles as their means of transportation. We have summarized the benefits of riding fixed-gear bikes and hope it will be helpful to you.

    Riding a fixed-gear bike really helps to improve a rider on a standard road bike. It teaches you a good pedaling technique, making sure you're producing power through the whole pedal stroke, as opposed to stomping on the pedals like I see many riders doing.

    Riding a fixed-gear helps with cadence as generally when you are on a fixed gear you are forced to pedal a lot faster.

    When transferred onto the road this gives riders a lovely high cadence, which is great for developing a rider’s top-end speed.

    When riding a fixed-gear bike, safety comes first. You need to be confident riding a fixed gear as it takes a lot of getting used to, so the track is a great way to do this before going onto the road. Your local velodrome will have hire bikes that you can use.

    There is no rest when you're riding a fixed gear, so you are constantly pedaling. It is a different workout to one on a standard road bike and there are positives and negatives to both. For sports, it is a good consumption Way of calories.

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