The Role Of Mirrors Auto Reflective Part Mold In Auto mobilesd

  • The main function of the car lights is to illuminate. It can be said that the car lights are the eyes of the car, and the car lights are the collective name for all car lighting systems. Automobile lights have relatively high requirements for appearance. Several important parts are either transparent or electroplated. It can be said that the most demanding parts for automobile appearance are automobile lights. Therefore, the auto lamp mould design and manufacturing are extremely high. Therefore, the requirements for automobile lamp molds and automobile reflective molds for forming automobile lamps will also increase accordingly.

    The main lighting parts of a car are the front and rear headlights. Different car series have different configurations of lights, and the same car series has different configurations according to the height. The main parts that make up the front and rear lights of the car are: left and right lenses, left and right decorative frames, left and right lamp housings, left and right reflectors, etc.

    Headlight lamp shell: The car headlight lamp shell, also known as the lamp body, is an internal functional part, and the requirements for appearance are not low.

    Front headlight decoration frame: The car headlight decoration frame is a decorative part of the car headlight lighting system. It is assembled with the lens inside the lens, and the decoration frame can be seen from the outside of the car light through the lens.

    Headlight reflector: The headlight reflector of the car is also the reflector. It is a part of the headlight lighting system of the car to avoid direct light. It is assembled with the lens on the inner side of the lens and the decorative frame. The reflector is seen outside the car lights. The plastic parts are appearance parts, the surface is plated with aluminum, which belongs to high-gloss electroplating parts, and the outer surface has a large area pattern for surface decoration.

    Car lights are important safety devices and decorative parts that are indispensable for automobiles. Due to the high-temperature working environment and the reflective and condensing function of the reflector, the shrinkage rate is almost 0, and it is heat-resistant, flame-retardant and extremely resistant Creeping prefabricated integral molding compound (BMC) thermosetting plastic molding.

    Headlight lens (lens)

    The lens of the automobile headlight is the light distribution lens, which is the outermost transparent part of the automobile headlight. Generally, the headlight of a car is white and transparent, and the rear combination lamp is red or transparent in multiple colors. The surface of the automobile headlight lens plastic part is A-level curved surface, and the outer surface has a super-hard coating. The inner and outer surfaces require extremely high transparency. It is the most important automobile exterior part.

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