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Questions About Preventing Deformation Or Damage Of Plastic Box

  • When we eat snacks, we will see that there is a plastic box in some snacks, and we also need to use plastic boxes when loading some items. The plastic box is formed by a plastic box mold .

    To prevent the plastic parts from being deformed or damaged, we must correctly analyze the adhesive force of the plastic parts to the mold cavity and its location, and select the appropriate demolding device in a targeted manner to make the center of gravity of the ejection coincide with the center of the demolding resistance. Since the plastic shrinks the core tightly, the push-out force should be as close to the core as possible, and the push-out force should be applied to the part where the rigidity and strength of the plastic part are greatest, and the area of ​​action should be as large as possible to prevent the plastic part from deforming. Or damaged.

    My country's plastic mold industry has experienced more than half of your reality since its inception. From the past, nothing needs to be learned. Now the molding process of plastic box mold, plastic dustbin mould , and other molds is becoming more and more perfect. I have to say that the progress is very great. Although there is indeed a certain gap compared with foreign standards, we have been learning and assimilating, and the gap will only get smaller and smaller.