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Understand The Inspection Of Auto Radiator Tank Plastic Mould

  • The automobile has almost become an indispensable transportation tool for every household, and the development of the automobile has also driven the development of related industries around it. For example, auto radiator tank plastic mould is one of them. But how should the car radiator water tank be checked on the car?

    The water pump is the driving force for the continuous circulation of cooling water in the cooling system. The factors affecting the water pump are the impeller and the belt. If the impeller is loose, the cooling water cannot circulate, resulting in damage to the water pump. If the belt is too large, the water temperature will be too high. If the belt is too small, it will damage the bearings of the water pump and the generator.

    Fan air volume detection: a thin piece of paper can be placed in front of the radiator. When the engine is running, if the paper can be blown away, it means that the air volume is sufficient. This is different from the front-engine car fan sucking inward. The blades cannot be installed backward, and the fan guard should be fully and effectively.

    We need to check the parts of the car regularly, and the same is true for the auto reflective part mold .