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Pex Expansion Fittings Flame Retardant

  • Expansion PEX Plug is based on the original pure PP, adding glass fiber and other additives to increase the use range of materials. Generally speaking, most of the glass fiber reinforced materials are mostly used in the structural parts of the product, which is a kind of structural engineering material.


    1. Glass fiber is a high temperature resistant material. Therefore, the heat resistance temperature of reinforced plastic is much higher than before without glass fiber.
    2. Due to the addition of glass fiber, the mutual movement between the polymer chains of the plastic is restricted. Therefore, the shrinkage rate of the reinforced plastic is greatly reduced and the rigidity is greatly improved.
    3. Reinforced plastic will not stress crack, and at the same time, the impact resistance of plastic will be improved a lot.
    4. Glass fiber is a high-strength material, which greatly improves the strength of plastics, such as tensile strength, compression strength, and bending strength.
    5. Due to the addition of glass fiber and other additives, the combustion performance of enhanced PEX Expansion Fittings is greatly reduced, and flame retardancy becomes difficult.