Pex Fittings Wholesale Ensures Quality

  • F1960 Fittings on the market mainly come in four colors: white, gray, green, and curry. The main reason is that the added color masterbatch is different. It is recommended to buy white F1960 Fittings. This is to prevent profitable manufacturers from using recycled materials to produce PPR pipes, and add color masterbatch to conceal the defects caused by impure raw materials.

    Good soft F1960 Fittings, the pipe fittings are not easy to be squeezed and deformed, even if deformed, it will not break, and greatly reduce the amount of joints; it can resist the corrosion of chemical elements in the water, and the smooth inner surface can avoid the formation of scale; the pipe fittings can withstand the normal temperature The water pressure is 45 kg/cm², and the tube's non-deformation temperature is 112 degrees Celsius


    Moreover, F1960 Fittings has a long life and strong anti-aging of pipe fittings, and its normal function mission reaches more than 50 years. The flexibility of the pipe fittings makes the construction very fast, and easy to connect (with a hot melt machine socket connection), safe and reliable. Due to the simple construction, there are no contradictions and influences with other projects, the construction period is shortened, and the construction cost is 60% less than that of copper pipes, which has superior economic efficiency.


    The main component of F1960 Fittings is propylene, which is mainly used as a household water supply system. The diameter of PE pipe is much larger than F1960 Fittings, the main chemical molecule is polyethylene. PE is the main pipeline water supply. Under normal circumstances, F1960 Fittings and PE pipes cannot be hot-melt connected, and the inner teeth must be directly connected to the outer teeth. The wall thickness is inconsistent, and the welding strength of the two materials cannot meet the requirements.


    After PE is introduced into the room, it is connected with F1960 Fittings. Small pipe diameter adopts metal conversion and large pipe diameter adopts flange conversion. Cast iron pipes and steel pipes adopt flange conversion outdoors, and flanged wells and soft joints are easy to maintain and replace. The correct connection method is to connect with flanges. Small diameter pipes can also be connected with toothed fittings, so that the connection strength can be effectively guaranteed. PEX Fittings Wholesale ensures the quality of the project.