Pouring Skills Of Pex Expansion Fittings

  • Expansion PEX Plug thermal expansion and contraction during construction in winter or summer can easily damage the pipes. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent Expansion PEX Plug from longitudinal expansion and contraction. Expansion PEX Plug should be laid in a serpentine shape in the pipe trench, with a slight curved arc, leaving a margin for expansion; and when installing PE pipes, do not install expanders as much as possible or use double coil short pipes instead of expanders. When making Expansion PEX Plug buttresses and town piers, both sides should be simultaneously poured with concrete at one time.

    The bottom foundation of Expansion PEX Plug must be cushioned with fine sand and not less than 100 mm. After the Expansion PEX Plug fittings are installed, the 500mm backfill work on both sides and the top of the pipe must be backfilled and compacted, and the backfill compaction coefficient is not less than 95%. When it is installed in hot weather, it should be constructed as far as possible from night to early morning. The atmospheric temperature is low, and the pipeline is properly contracted and then backfilled and joints meet. It must be compacted in layers to prevent large internal stress damage after the pipeline expands and contracts.


    Expansion PEX Plug can be divided into two types: PE electric fusion pipe and hot-melt Expansion PEX Plug. The production method of hot-melt Expansion PEX Plug is one-time injection molding by an injection molding machine. The main raw material is high-density polyethylene. The connection method: There are two types of hot melt butt joint and hot melt socket.


    PE electrofusion pipe is a kind of plastic Expansion PEX Plug that can be melted to reach the connection by the temperature generated by the current. Due to the price, the amount of hot melt Expansion PEX Plug in engineering applications is more than that of PE electrofusion pipes, but electrofusion pipe fittings play an important and irreplaceable role in engineering and maintenance, especially in construction. The external environment and human factors have less influence, so the reliability is better and it is more popular with users. Especially in the gas pipe engineering, more and more electric fusion pipe fittings are being used.


    The choice between PE electrofusion pipe or hot-melt PEX Expansion Fittings actually depends on the actual requirements. The effect of the two is the same. The price of electro-fusion pipe fittings is high, but the construction is convenient and the external environment is less affected. The construction is more convenient; The price of pipe fittings is low, but it is often affected by the external construction environment. Under harsh construction conditions, the construction progress is slow.