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Welding Skills Of F1960 Fittings

  • It's the coldest season of the year again. PEX Fittings Wholesale due to its cold brittleness, F1960 Fittings requires special attention in winter construction. So today, the high-end home improvement F1960 Fittings brand cleanliness tube will introduce users to how to weld F1960 Fittings in winter? Precautions for PPR pipe hot melting in winter
    1. Before construction, pay attention to check whether the two ends of each F1960 Fittings are damaged. If there is any loss, cut off the lost part to ensure that the entire pipe is not lost before use. Due to the characteristics of PPR in winter to prevent damage to the pipe during transportation, if there is damage or uncertainty, reduce the pipe port by about 5cm when installing the pipe. Do not hit the water pipe with a hammer or heavy objects during winter construction to prevent pipe explosion tube.
    2. When cutting F1960 Fittings, the cross-section should be flat and vertical, otherwise it will cause insufficient welding. For pipe cutting, use PPR special pipe cutters instead of quick-cutting pipe cutters.
    3. In winter, you must pay attention to whether the temperature of the hot melt machine is normal. The temperature cannot be too high or too low. It is best to choose a thick welded joint of the hot melt machine, so that the temperature will be uniform.
    4. Due to the cold weather in winter, the cooling speed of F1960 Fittings after melting is relatively faster than in summer, so the speed should be faster during operation.