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Pex Fittings Plastic Cleaning Skillsni

  • Some people think that the floor heating cleaning is very troublesome, so this step is omitted. But in fact, if the floor heating is not cleaned, there will be serious consequences. Professional floor heating pipe manufacturers will explain in detail why PEX Fittings Plastic needs to be cleaned regularly, what effects will it have if it is not cleaned, and how often it should be cleaned.

    1. Why does the floor heating need to be cleaned?

    Now there are two ways of heating in cities: floor heating and traditional heating, so the temperature of the water supply is relatively high (the temperature of the floor heating water supply should be around 55 degrees, and the temperature of the traditional heating water supply is around 85 degrees). As a result, underfloor heating users have higher home temperatures. Some underfloor heating users turn down or close the water supply valve, which makes the water flow in the floor heating pipe slow, forming pipeline deposits, and more likely to cause pipeline embolism, so floor heating needs to be cleaned regularly.

    1. What are the effects if the floor heating pipe is not cleaned?

    If the floor heating pipe is not cleaned, it will affect your normal use. According to relevant statistics, in the heating process, every 1mm of dirt on the inner wall of the geothermal pipe will reduce the ambient temperature by 6°C, which not only affects the normal temperature, but also causes a waste of energy. Continued use will cause pipeline embolism. The solution can only be solved by removing the ground and replacing the geothermal pipe, which will cause property loss and life inconvenience to the floor heating users.

    1. How often should the floor heating pipe be cleaned?

    Generally, the floor heating is professionally cleaned once every two years, and the floor heating service life exceeds two heating periods, and regular maintenance and maintenance are required. In some unprofessional geothermal construction, there will be impurities, stones, and cement in the pipeline. Seriously, if the filter is not installed, it is easy to block the geothermal pipeline in a short time.

    Four, floor heating cleaning time

    It can be cleaned all year round. After the heating is stopped, the dirt, biological sludge, impurities and bacteria formed in the pipeline during the heating period can be timely removed. In order to prevent the formation of deposits in the pipeline and cause pipeline embolism, so that the floor heating pipe cleanly welcomes the next heating period.

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