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Pex Crimp Fitting Manufacturers Solve The Problem Of Odor

  • In previous years, there were always people who responded that the water in the heating was so smelly and smelly, would there be any harmful substances? Is there something wrong with the underground polyurethane insulation pipe? This kind of thing that may endanger people's health is absolutely nothing. After some investigation, PEX Crimp Fitting manufacturers finally found the cause of the smelly heating water.

    It turns out that the odorant has been added, so don’t worry. This will explain to you what a odorant is and whether it is harmful to human health. Odor agent, also known as "anti-drop water agent", is a neutral and non-corrosive liquid, which will produce garlic smell when mixed with water, which meets the requirements of national security and environmental protection. This kind of heating water will not corrode the heating system and equipment in residents' homes, but it cannot be used for normal domestic water. The odorant is used to detect whether the polyurethane PEX Expansion Fittings run, leak, drip, leak, etc. during the heating process, and to prevent users from discharging water privately, destroying the water flow balance, and seriously affecting the heating safety and heating effect. This time you can rest assured that the odorant is not harmful to the human body. If you smell a bad smell, you should check to see if there is any leakage in the heating in your home, and ask the maintenance personnel to repair it in time.