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What should I pay attention to when buying a new bathroom mirro

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    Buying a new bathroom mirror is, you should understand, In bathrooms, where people get undressed to shower, the wrong kind of glass in mirrors poses high safety risks. Thus, building codes require the use of tempered or laminated glass wherever the possibility of the mirror or glass breaking exists. Thus, when you browse bathroom mirror options, purchase the one that is made of tempered or laminated glass.

    While the tempered glass breaks into small round shards instead of breaking into small sharp pieces and shattering on the floor, the laminated glass includes a vinyl sheet that keeps the broken glass in sheets. As such, a bathroom mirror made of tempered or laminated glass helps in preventing serious injuries.

    But,standard mirrors that are hung on the wall with a solid backing in your home don’t have to be made from tempered glass. These mirrors are usually installed once a house is built and inspected fully. The requirement of installing mirrors made from tempered/laminated glass applies only when mirrors are installed in certain locations, such as a bathroom, adjacent to door openings, or when the window or mirror is close to the floor.

    To verify this, look for a small label etched in the mirror that indicates ‘tempered’ or ‘safety glass’ on one of the four corners. Now, when you know what you should look for while searching for the best bathroom mirrors, it’s time to browse and explore your options.

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